We love getting to see the work and artistry of our students! To celebrate their achievements, we host the FINISH LINE contest at the end of the academic year, where we award prizes in several categories. Below are some of the magazines we have received. Click on the cover photo to read the magazine. Enjoy!

All magazines shared with permission. These are not presented in order. Where a student won special recognition, the award is noted.

Cover_Nicole_S_Wonder_Wanderer_2017The Wonder Wanderer

By Nicole S.

Age 15, in British Columbia, Canada

Winner of “Best in Show” in the 2017 Finish Line contest. $25 Amazon gift card. Nicole does an amazing job of matching theme and content—what a great example of taking advantage of unique opportunities to write a cool magazine! She also does a good job illustrating her theme with photos. Her end credits made us all laugh!

Cover_Jack_L_Gamers_Guide_Minecraft_2017The Gamer’s Guide to Minecraft

By Jack L.

Age 12, in British Columbia, Canada

“Spotlight Magazine” in the 2017 Finish Line contest. $15 Amazon gift card. We particularly love Jack’s haiku “Farewell”! Jack’s magazine has a fun layout and theme, and we enjoyed all the creative variations on Jack’s name in the contributor names.

Cover_Audra_B_Ballet_Student_Yearly_2017Ballet Student Yearly

By Audra B.

Age 12, in Ohio

“Spotlight Magazine” in the 2017 Finish Line contest. $15 Amazon gift card. We particularly love Audra’s outstanding editorial voice, her haiku “The Dance of Autumn,” and her terrific article on Victoria Morgan!

Audra’s photo credits: Photos in article “Victoria Morgan” are from cincinnatiballet.com. Other photos of dancers, etc., from clip art, google, yahoo, and my family.

Cover_Emily_K_Press_On_2017Press On

By Emily K.

Age 13, in Kansas

“Spotlight Magazine” in the 2017 Finish Line contest. $15 Amazon gift card. We particularly loved Emily’s interview-based article, “Coming a Long Way”! The prose is beautiful, and it’s a wonderfully executed journalistic piece.

Emily wishes to credit her parents for helping her with layout.

Cover_Kelly_V_Redefining_Norm_2017Redefining the Norm

By Kelly V.

Age 14, in Alberta, Canada

Kelly had two pieces recognized in the “Highlight Piece” category in the 2017 Finish Line contest. Her “Serum” advertisement was a great example of an ad based on a felt need—Mr. S. says he will be the first customer if Kelly ever invents this!—and her movie review was beautifully-worded.

Movie poster photo credit, click here. Soccer photo and sunset photo credit: Kelly’s mom

Cover_Kaleb_M_Outdoor_Survival_2017Outdoor Survival

By Kaleb M.

Age 14, in Oregon

Kaleb’s review of The MRE (“meal ready to eat”) was a “Highlight Piece” in the 2017 Finish Line contest. Wonderfully vivid language and a fun idea of something to review!

Kaleb wishes to credit his mom for helping him.

Cover_Sarah_M_Big_Cats_Today_2017Big Cats Today

By Sarah M.

Age 12, in Kansas

Sarah’s limerick, “Ryan,” was a “Highlight Piece” in the 2017 Finish Line contest. We all thought it wonderful! This magazine theme is a great example of a theme that is specific but not too narrow. Nice work, Sarah!

All photos of real animals taken from the Encyclopedia of Mammals, A Comprehensive Illustrated Guide by Animal Experts, 2nd edition, Copyright 1998.

Cover_Danielle_H_A_Pets_Life_2017A Pet’s Life

By Danielle H.

Age 13, in Illinois

Danielle’s clever, shaped cinquain, “Christmas Morning,” was a “Highlight Piece” in the 2017 Finish Line contest. And who can resist the dog on the cover?

For Service Dog Photo (licensed under Creative Commons), click here. All other pictures are CCO Public Domain, no attribution required for Danielle’s own pictures.

Cover_Chiara_D_Ballet_Magazine_2017Ballet Magazine

By Chiara D.

Age 12, in Arizona

Chiara did a great job laying out her magazine in a way that was relaxing to read. We especially enjoyed the “Ballerina Fuel” how-to article and her “Dr. Coppelius’ Mistake” poem.

Photo Credit: Student’s friend, Student’s mother; Ballet Studio: Ballet Etudes, Gilbert, AZ

Cover_Annalies_H_Nature_Through_Lens_2017Nature Through a Lens

By Annalies H.

Age 13, in Ontario, Canada

Annelies’s Advice Column is one of the strongest examples we have read since Cover Story released. She hit on a great question for her theme and then did a wonderful job going the extra mile in answering it. Clever magazine title as well!

Annelies took most of the nature pictures herself. The rest of the pictures are free-use ones from pixabay.com and canva.com. Her mom helped with the layout.

Cover_Dominic_L_Technology_of_Computers_2017The Technology of Computers

By Dominic L.

Age 15, in Minnesota

Our favorite part of Dominic’s magazine is the fantastic first line of his interview-based article! We are always thrilled when a student conducts a live interview with someone outside of their immediate family for this assignment.

Dominic wishes to credit his mom for helping him.

Cover_Amber_W_Food_and_Fun_2017Food and Fun

By Amber W.

Age 14, in Minnesota

Amber’s poem, “The Vultures,” is hilarious and clever! Her haiku, “Elegance; Disaster” is also very well done.

Alas, all three hundred Magic Plates were sold by the time we clicked on her advertisement.

Cover_Summer_B_Mystery_Magazine_2017Mystery Magazine

By Summer B.

Age 14, in Oklahoma

Summer has a knack for intriguing, creative story openers. Her short stories also demonstrate wonderful pacing. Very nice work, Summer!

For all the photos used, Summer and her family attempted to make sure they were public domain images.