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Package price: $149.
DVD set, Student Book, The Remarkable Journal of Professor Gunther von Steuben, and a Teacher's Guide

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Costs & Extra Student Kits

The cost of one Cover Story writing curriculum set – which includes the teaching DVDs and one Student Kit – is $149.

The price of one extra student kit is $55.
The discounted price when purchased at the same time as a curriculum set: $49 each

The Student Kit contains two items:

• The consumable Student Book, and

• The consumable guided journal, The Remarkable Journal of Professor Gunther von Steuben.
This guided journal is not a blank book, but contains diary entries by the mysterious Professor von Steuben and writing prompts that correspond with the writing lessons.

When someone has purchased a curriculum set, they can order extra Student Kits at any time; but we offer a discount when purchased with the curriculum.

Co-op Licenses and Renewal Fees

The cost of a license to use Cover Story for a co-op or school is the same as for using it in a home: $149. Extra student packets are also the same price (see above). There is a co-op license renewal fee for each additional year that you offer the class.

• Renewal fee for a class of 5 or fewer students: $50
• Renewal fee for a class of 6 or more students: $100

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Canadian & International Orders

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You may purchase textbooks and journals for additional children/students. The text is a textbook-workbook combo and the special journal is The Remarkable Journal of Professor Gunther Von Steuben.

Co-ops & Classrooms

Co-ops may watch the Cover Story teaching videos together as a class. Each student would need to purchase their own textbook-workbook combo and The Remarkable Journal of Professor Gunther Von Steuben.

Read about the Co-op/Classroom License »


Full refund of purchase price is available for items returned in the original packaging and in new condition (discs undamaged and books unmarked) if you contact us within 30 days of receiving the materials. Buyer is responsible for return shipping.

Runt the Brave

Driven by their blood-frenzied master, a merciless army of rats swarms toward the underground mouse-city of Tira-Nor. Only one mouse has the courage to face the onslaught, the “runt” JaRed, son of ReDemec. But JaRed is about to encounter a power beyond the rat army, beyond even that of the Great Owl ... a power that will fling him into a destiny wilder than anything he could have even imagined!


Runt the Brave – $12.99 USD

Runt the Hunted

The underground mouse-city of Tira-Nor is threatened by the cunning rat warrior Kreeg and his band of cut-throats. Only JaRed son of ReDemec, `Runt,’ recognizes the danger to their woodland realm. But JaRed has been driven into exile by the city’s mad king, and his former friends are ordered to kill him on sight. How can one mouse make a difference against such terrible odds?
Beset by enemies in a strange and lonely world, rejected and betrayed by the very mice he once saved, JaRed is about to discover the hard truth about himself. And it may cost him his life.

Runt the Hunted – $12.99 USD


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