A Writing Curriculum middle schoolers look forward to!

!From the creator of The One Year Adventure Novel comes an exciting writing curriculum for mid-grade students.

• Does your middle school student love to write . . .
but you aren’t sure how to direct their energy and passion for words?
• Does your middle school student hate to write, but love to read . . . and you don’t know how to motivate them?
• Does your middle school student think English is just plain boring?

“…the delivery and learning methods are so different that even reluctant writers are likely to enjoy the process.”
~ Cathy Duffy, curriculum reviewer

Cover Story helps engage your student in Language Arts!

Cover Story takes middle school students – 6th through 9th grade – on a guided tour through the universe of Story. Through the process of creating the content for their own magazine in a single school year, students are led, step by step, on a fun, thought-provoking journey of exploration and creation. They write poems, short stories, non-fiction articles, letters, and many other short pieces.
They also learn to journal every day by followingirl-teen-writing-framedg the creative structure of The Remarkable Journal of Professor Gunther Von Steuben. Along the way, they study not just a story’s form, but its execution.

The program covers poetry, short stories, creative non-fiction, interviews, blogs, letters, and much more in video lessons taught by a professional writer.

The informative course is built around the idea that writing is an inherently fun activity when approached through the doorway of a student’s creative passion. No matter how much your middle school student might already know about writing, Cover Story will challenge them to go deeper.

Light steampunk themes, writing prompts with a twist, and fascinating concepts all help to keep your student engaged.

Your student will never look at writing the same way again.

Language Arts Program

• Writing
• Story techniques and structure
• Literature
• Critical thinking
• Grammar (included but optional)




• Taught by an award-winning writer
• No prep work required for teacher
• Class is taught for you through video
• Students create content for their own magazine
• Humorous skits illustrate concepts
• Self-motivating materials
• Step-by-step and easy-to-follow



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